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The SoulShaping® Experience

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The SoulShaping® Experience is a church-wide immersion in spiritual renewal.

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“The SoulShaping® Experience” walks you through a five-stage process:

  • Diagnose your spiritual condition.
  • Develop your personal vision for your spiritual vitality.
  • Discover God’s pathways for spiritual vitality.
  • Discern your personal plan for spiritual vitality
  • Devote yourself to your spiritual vitality
Even when pastors and church leaders know the elements of spiritual vitality, they often lack the easily accessible materials and strategy to teach and equip their people at a practical level. “The SoulShaping® Experience” provides the resources, strategy, and time for a season of accelerated spiritual growth.

This time of accelerated spiritual growth includes:

  • Reading Doug Rumford’s book, SoulShaping® (Second Edition): From Soul Neglect to Spiritual Vitality (provided at a bulk price discount)
  • A ten-week sermon series, with sample sermons provided to the pastor(s) upon registration
  • Using The SoulShaping® Journal: Pathways to Spiritual Vitality for adults and student in high school and above to provide individual direction for applying the principles of SoulShaping® to experience personal spiritual vitality. (Also provided at a bulk price discount)
  • Small group materials based on the sermons

In preparation for The SoulShaping® Experience, the pastor will be equipped through participation with other pastors in a 10-week cohort led by Doug Rumford or a certified associate of Lorica Ministries. The purpose of this cohort is to provide spiritual renewal and refreshment for the pastor(s) as well practical experience with the SoulShaping® tools. Completion of the cohort is required to lead The SoulShaping® Experience.

Contact us to learn more about the process of bringing “The SoulShaping® Experience” to your congregation or organization.

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