The SoulShaping® Experience for Small Groups is available NOW!

The SoulShaping® Experience Kit for Congregations

Pricing adapted to congregation’s size. Contact us for details.


The SoulShaping® Experience is not “just another program.” The SoulShaping® Experience provides the opportunity to ignite a movement of Christian spiritual vitality in your life, your group, and your congregation or organization.

The Good News of abundant life in Jesus Christ spreads as Jesus’ followers experience the transforming power of spiritual vitality and share what they’ve experienced with others who share with others.

The SoulShaping® Experience for Congregations provides resources for a ten-week season of accelerated spiritual growth. The package includes:

  • Ten videos (each one about 7-8 minutes long) that accompany the 10 Weeks of the SoulShaping Journal and readings in SoulShaping (Second Edition): From Soul Neglect to Spiritual Vitality. Each video is used to open and close a small group gathering. Here’s the link for a sample of the video
  • Ten Weekly Discussion Guides to facilitate group exploration and conversation. Here’s a sample.
  • A Small Group Introductory Video which is shared with the group so they can view it prior to the first gathering.
  • A Leader’s Orientation video for the group facilitator.

The SoulShaping® Experience for Congregations package is a “turnkey” resource that anyone can easily facilitate. The purchase of the package includes an access code that licenses the group facilitator to use the videos and to access, print, and/or distribute up to 15 copies of the Weekly Discussion Guides.

Special access is granted to use these materials congregation-wide when your congregation (or organization) registers for The SoulShaping® Experience for Congregations. Contact Lorica Ministries directly for more information.

The retail price for The SoulShaping® Experience for Congregations is $xxx, but we are offering it for a limited time at the Introductory price of $49.99.

Choose now to make spiritual vitality a priority for yourself and your group.

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